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Eltrinex V12Pro

Professional digital voice recorder for visually impaired users

Eltrinex V12Pro is the professional voice recorder specially developed for blind people who like to record some notes anywhere they go. This product has been developed in cooperation with visually impaired testers who gave us very useful feedback based on everyday use. All features are supported with a voice guide, using high quality syntethic voice. It is very easy to check the actual status of the machine, to check the remaining battery by one touch of a button, to set all functions such as timer recording and to easily operate the recorder without any need for help of a sighted person.

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Main features:

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Basic operations of the voice recorder

Reading filenames


Menu of Eltrinex V12Pro


Detailed description


Recording is always indicated by double beep to inform the user about the action. It can be started by a short click of the REC button in standby mode or by long press of REC button while the voice recorder is in OFF mode - this feature is very useful for users who like to easily start recording in any situation by only one click. The REC button is a different shape to be found easily just by the touch of a finger.

During recording, the user can easily save the recorded file and automatically start recording of a new one - by one click. It is also possible to pause the recording and insert bookmarks for easy subsequent finding of the position. For a better feel of the recorded file, it is possible to connect earphones and hear the real recorded sound through the earphones - this feature is useful for balancing the recording volume.

Eltrinex V12Pro has many options to configure recording. After opening the menu, the user can set the recording quality (MP3 or WAV and total of 10 levels of quality begining with very low bitrate MP3 and ending with 48 kilohertz, 24 bit, stereo superior quality). It is possible to make recordings using internal microphones, external microphone and from another audio player - using the line-in input. Microphone sensitivity can be set in 5 steps, from lowest to highest.

A special function to optimize the memory usage is called recording activated by voice. This allows the user to record only the real sound in the space, without any delays. When silent is detected, recording is paused for a while. After the sound is detected again, recording continues. There is also a special function for Hidden recording. In this mode the voice recorder looks like it is not operating.

Finally it is possible to set the automatic divide of recorded files, which is useful for longer recordings. All recordings are stabilized by automatic gain control, which eliminates the sound distortion caused by strong incoming signal. It is possible to record a loud rock concert and silent whispering using just one setting. The voice recorder will automatically correct the incoming signal power. For professionals who like to control balance manually, it is possible to disable this feature.

Edit of recorded file

After the file is recorded, it can be easily edited by the user, directly in the voice recorder. First of all, there is an easy function to append another recording or rewrite the part of the existing recorded file. The file can be deleted or protected against being deleted by mistake. If still this is not enough and the file is mistakenly deleted, there is an "undelete" option in menu, for recovering the file.

Recorded files can be also divided into smaller parts and the user can add a summary to each file. The summary is a short recording which includes user's comments of the file and which is pasted at the beginning of the recording. This is very useful feature for easy locating any file just by ear.

All recorded files can be copied or moved from folder to another folder or from internal memory to SD card and back. This allows a very easy way to backup recordings without a need to use a computer.

Playback of recorded files

It is very intuitive to play the recorded files and to get the information needed. By one button press the machine speaks the length of recording, the time and date when it was recorded, actual time and date and remaining time for other recordings. When the user starts playback by pressing a button, it is possible to change the speed of playback, two steps up and two steps down. The change of speed does not affect the pitch, so this feature keeps the recorded voice easy to understand.

Bookmarks can be added into recorded files also during playback and it is very easy to find the required bookmark by pressing the right arrow button.

Timer recording, Alarm and Voice Diary

Eltrinex V12Pro includes a wide range of timer settings. It is possible to set timer recording, to make a specified recording at any time, at a specified date. The user can choose either to record from the FM radio or from microphones or line-in. Another option is the timer playback which allows the user to play specified recording, FM radio station or just a beep sound at selected time and date. This feature is very useful as an alarm or diary (while using recorded voice messages).

Playback of music files and audio books

Most of visually impaired users prefer to listen not only to music files, but also to various audio books. Eltrinex V12Pro is ready to meet these expectations. Thanks to the filename reading feature (by spelling the name of actually selected file) it is easy to find any file or folder in the tree view mode and play it. Using resume function allows the user to interrupt playback of any audio file and continue later.

Endless recording using external powering

Eltrinex V12Pro can be powered also through the USB power adaptor, which allows the user to make very long lasting recordings without any fear of limited battery life.

FM Radio

For those who like to listen to FM radio stations on their journeys, Eltrinex V12Pro provides very high quality radio reception with simple station selection and automatic tuning of strongest stations. The user can listen either through earphones or using the internal speaker.


Eltrinex V12Pro comes with wide range of accessories, including the USB cable, Line-in cable, one pair of AAA batteries, earphones and special soft foam shields for microphones. These shields are very suitable for recording in windy environments.

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